Chicken of the woods

 Today’s foraging … the BEST supper imaginable … Chicken of the woods, a bracket fungus which is actually better than the best roast chicken dinner. This found by friend Lucy in a cherry tree in a top secret churchyard and hilariously and precariously nudged out of a crevice in the tree, quite high up with quite a lot of giggling too, but a good 1kilo of bounty at the end of the adventure. We did ask the gentlemen in the church if it was ok to do this by the way, and I think he thought we were mad, but I actually care not as my supper is going to be amazingly delicious. But if you are salivating from this story, do please check first before you go hunting for this fungus as there are fungus wannabes and I would so hate it if I was responsible for anyone’s demise due to consumption of “not chicken of the woods”! Check first or take a fungus expert with you when foraging!

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