Coming Home

A wonderful miracle happened last week! I received an email from Kate at The Saturday Dress

to say she had what she knew was a waistcoat design by my mother Joan Nicholson. We exchanged excited emails and had a lovely chat over the phone and I could confirm that it was the actual waistcoat that my mother designed and made for Golden Hands magazine in 1970. On Thursday it arrived and it was quite an emotional moment to say the least!

It is so beautiful, looks as fresh as though it had just been finished … I am so grateful to Kate for sending this to me and for it to find it’s way home after so long. It is worked in tent stitch in wool with a yellow corduroy back and edged with blue wool braid. I still have some of this yellow corduroy in a box of fabric left to me by my mother. The green tailor’s dummy is actually my mother’s dress form which was made for her in the 1960s, and one I still use today for dressmaking. It was quite something to drape the waistcoat back on this shape … a really wonderful reuniting of memories.

Joan Nicholson





The front cover of Golden hands featuring the waistcoat


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