Pigeon and Long Tailed Bird back from a rest

After a break from the production of these two early designs, I have brought them back after so many enquiries about their availability. I had intended to turn them into Iron transfers but as usual too many other tasks interrupted that plan. So they are back as cushion cover embroidery kit, though they work very well as framed samplers.

In the chaos of boxes and packing it has been hard to keep the work flow going, but once I am settled in (it won’t take long as I am a very speedy and happy nest builder) I will be beginning to run classes again so if you are keen to come and learn embroidery with me then keep a look out on the website or email me nancy@nancynicholson.co.uk for details and dates.

The positive thing about having to move and sift through stuff is that so much is unearthed, old work and drawings, ideas jotted down with purpose and drive only to be stuffed into a drawer and forgotten. But I do seem to have done my final pick through after ten years of sorting through not only my own things but also my parents, and it has been very good to let a lot of things go finally, in the bin, or given away to friends who appreciate … or filed and sorted in a satisfying kind of way.

Only a week to go and I can’t wait to settle in to my new place, and play with all the variables of work space and living space. This last week the weather is creeping into spring and there are familiar spring anthems being practiced in all the hedgerows at last. Those who know me have come to accept that I am not a Christmas fan, maybe when the boys were small, yes, but I am happy to be setting foot in the spring now, looking forward to the year ahead. Maybe because Christmas always seems to start in July, when I have to start thinking about designs for christmas … so by the time it gets to December I feel I have had enough of it. Sorry to those lovers of the season, bah humbug an all that …



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