I am now ready to announce the first season of embroidery workshops here in Rye. I have a regular monthly class which will take a beginner through all the stitches you will need to start hand embroidering with confidence. You will also learn how to make some simple things for your sewing box, including a pincushion and a decorative tag for your scissors. If you feel you would like to go further with your learning you can choose one of my other more specific classes.

All the classes are held at my home in Rye. You will also be able to buy my book and any of the range of embroidery kits we stock, plus transfer pencils and other essential equipment needed to help you master this relaxing skill. I sound a bit like a brochure now … but you hopefully get the general idea. I am looking forward to welcoming you to these fun workshops!

Go to SHOP/ WORKSHOPS to book online.

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