New Home

Above the beautiful sunlit room where the courses will be held! I am awaiting a long table to go there …

Well I am in my new house, which is studio and workshop combined. I am still trying to configure everything so it all works harmoniously, and though it’s been a slog to say the least, I am almost there. I am sorry if you have had to wait for any orders or responses from me as of course there have been internet delays … Which seems to be a familiar story I hear with almost everyone I moan to … Though I simply don’t understand how it can be so lengthy or complicated as it is made. One of life’s mysteries never to be unraveled. But having been made familiar with the healing power of the “dongle” I am at least up and running by a thread and can carry on with my daily routine of order collection, printing and postage.

There has been the wind to contend with too … Trying to battle with unloading the car when the wind was to play with everything has been an added difficulty. As soon as it sees what I am doing it whips round and throws it out of my grasp and hurls it half way across the countryside … Very funny … Not funny. Being up here on the toppest top of the world is the winds favourite playground … But today it is calm and sunny and I look out at the blues and developing greens of the Marsh in Spring. And quiet at last.

If you are coming for a course at the end of the month, you will find I am all ready and I hope the teaching room is filled with sunlight as it is this morning. I am looking forward to greeting you and having a great day!

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