FEBRUARY ongoing work … Pottery Classes, new embroidery news

beginners pottery!
My pottery efforts!

The last few Saturday mornings I have been having so much fun at Jane Sarre’s pottery class in Hastings with my fellow pupil and chum Ruth Praill. Ruth is a jeweller and silversmith but multi talented all round craftsperson, but also had the yearning to get into pots so off we went. Now we have to be patient and wait for our ceramics to have their final firing. Can hardly wait! It has been so interesting to do something completely contrasting to what I usually do, make me think totally differently too. Just to slow down and enjoy the new processes, the cold clay slippery and with it’s own ideas inside it, it’s own rules to be discovered … it is not Plasticine that’s for sure! It has a life of it’s own even a memory … such things all new to me.

It is so frustrating not to be able to post what I have been working on this last month … but it is top secret because it is for my new book which (title undecided) is about working with wool rather than embroidery thread, and I like to call it BIG EMBROIDERY but some of the project are hand holdable if you know what I mean. So it looks as though there is not much going on but on the rock face it is frenetic. But here are some tiny little bits of some of the projects … tasters I think they call them …

Taster from new book!


In the meantime we are working also on many new things for this year. The kits are having a makeover very soon with new downloads coming for the summer and some new products too … on the website there will soon, very soon, be a stitch library always here for you to consult if you need to with updates and new stitches being added all the time.

Next week I am off to Olympia, to the Knitting and Stitching Show as I found out I have been shortlisted for the Designers category which was a complete surprise though as usual my first thought was horror because I have to break from the very tight schedule of finishing the material for the book by end of first week in march and still have mountains to do, so a day off was really not on the cards till the work is all sent off and done … and second what to wear? But luckily it’s in the afternoon … 4.30 I think if you are there anyone? And if you did vote for me THANK YOU xx

So yes, quietly getting on with a lot behind the scenes. This beautiful clear sunny day which is also bitterly cold here in Rye and everywhere …

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